3 Ways to Learn Multiplication Tables Easily

Learning the multiplication facts and the multiplication times tables are an important part of a child’s early math education. Learning these concepts makes learning about math concepts like multiplication, division etc easier. Additionally, it sharpens the child’s brain and helps them perform fast calculations. So, set up your little ones for math success by teaching the multiplication tables for kids.

But teaching them how to multiply and memorizing the multiplication tables are easier said than done. Most kids struggle with the concept of multiplication and are daunted by the very mention of the subject. But, they must master it because it’s the foundation for future math learning. So, how do you help kids learn the multiplication tables easily?

Learning the multiplication tables doesn’t have to be difficult. All you have to do is give your child some extra time to engage with the subject. Most parents and teachers make the mistake of teaching them the wrong concepts or rushing into multiplication lessons. This makes it very difficult for the child to understand the concept. Additionally, when they don’t have the right foundation, it hampers their learning. While they might memorize the multiplication tables for easier numbers like 0, 1, 5 and 10, they’ll struggle with bigger numbers like the 13 times table.

3 Ways To Help Kids Learn The Multiplication Tables Easily

  1. Explain using manipulatives: Setting the right foundation for multiplication learning is very important. So, help kids learn using things or manipulatives they can relate to. First, teach them that multiplication is an easier way of adding repeatedly. Then teach them using manipulatives, like candies, cookies, legos or toys. Ask leading questions and encourage them to count and answer on their own. This keeps them engaged and interested to learn more.

For example, place a bag of jellybeans in front of the child and ask them to give you 14 jellybeans and take 14 for themselves. Then ask them, “So, how many jellybeans did you take out of the bag?” Encourage the child to count the total number of jellybeans to find the answer. Then explain to them that they can arrive at the answer by just multiplying 14 by 2 to get 28. While they might not learn the 14 times table immediately, they’ll understand the concept.

  1. Multiplication facts: Teaching children the multiplication facts before teaching them the times tables helps set a strong foundation for multiplication learning. Create a multiplication facts chart with your child. Ask them questions along the way. For example, “what do you think 2 times 4 is?” Or, “Can you tell me how much 4 x 3 is by adding repeatedly?” This helps the child learn the multiplication facts easily.
  2. Skip counting: Multiplying numbers is usually not a new concept for kids, they would’ve learnt skip counting, which is essentially multiplication. A great way to teach kids the multiplication table is to make it a game. Most kids will participate enthusiastically when they’re introduced to math concepts through games. Skip counting games are a great way to introduce children to the multiplication table.

These 3 tips will make learning the times tables quick and easy for even the most math-wary child.


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