9 Ideas To Get Paid For Playing Games

There are many ways to earn money to meet your needs as a human being. Technology has made making money easier because you can earn cash from the comfort of your couch while playing games on your phone or computer. Gaming requires skills because several competitors are trying to win the game. You can make some money through online or physical gaming, depending on what you prefer.

That said, here are ideas to earn cash by gaming.

Creating Guide Games Platforms

Professional and amateur gamers try to compete in online gaming. Thus, creating video platforms to guide armatures on how to play certain games and become skilled to win prizes and money. These platforms also sharpen the skills of pro gamers to become better at learning about more complicated games. You can make money by giving tips and tutorials on YouTube and Piemob, promoting gaming brands, and getting subscriptions from gamers and viewers.

Live Streaming

Online gaming pros can livestream themselves when playing several games. Playing popular games attracts more viewers who try to learn winning tips from your playing skills. As you continue playing, you’ll enjoy what your viewers comment in the comment section. Live streaming helps you earn money through subscriptions from viewers. You can also earn through donations from viewers and commissions from various game brands.

Offering Insights on Gaming

Nowadays, most gamers rush to YouTube whenever they need to sharpen their gaming skills. Thus, if you coach gamers and provide them with tips and tricks on gaming, they become your clients. Hence, these gamers trust your teaching skills and ask you questions that help them become professional gamers. You can use effective strategies to earn money online, and gamers help you make money through subscriptions, views, and donations.

Video Game Development

Creating games apart from those existing on websites can help you make money. If you’re innovative, you can add your new video game to the Piemob games that gamers can enjoy playing. The more you create these games, the more money you earn annually. However, you need to understand programming languages such as Python and JavaScript. If you can’t do it alone, you can create the game with other video game developers or sell your ideas to developing companies to earn money.

Hosting a Podcast

Professional gamers with eloquent speeches can make money by hosting a podcast on online gaming. You can start your own podcast or get hired by gaming brands to promote their games. Either way, you earn money by attracting a target audience who listens to your podcast. Methods of making money during your podcast include commissions from gaming brands, selling your creative content, and promoting various gaming brands.

During a podcast, you can help gamers with game reviews, interview experts from famous gaming companies, and give feedback to the gamers’ questions. Thus, you need to be confident and do thorough research if you want to keep your podcasts active. This helps to earn the trust of your viewers.

Write Video Games Blogs

If you understand Piemob and other video games, you can write blogs using your writing skills. It would be best to start by researching new and popular games that attract gamers and writing about them. When writing, ensure to use search engine optimization (SEO) on your website to create traffic and earn money through affiliate marketing.

Writing quality blogs makes it easy for gaming companies to contact you to collaborate on blogs with other writers, promote their brand, and pay you for every article you write. Gaming reviews and interviewing gaming experts can help you come up with ideas that attract more gamers to read your blogs.

Creating Your Gaming Website

Video game websites give writers tips on how to earn money by playing online games, including Piemob. You can make money by writing these tips on your website or creating a video that provides gaming strategies. Ensure to provide gamers with detailed information on how to play specific games; give them the basics of playing, including how to play alone, and how to interact with other players. By selling your video game-playing guide, you can make money. Thus, you earn more if you give more tips and do so frequently.

Join Gaming Tournaments

Experienced gamers can participate in tournaments to earn cash. Most of the gamers in these tournaments are experts, and you need to do extensive research and use your skills to attract investors who trust you with their brand. You can also play competitive games with other participants to get money and prizes in various tournaments, whether online or physically.

If you impress sponsors during a tournament, you’ll likely get marketing affiliate jobs to promote certain brands through your website. Other ways to make money are through live games on various sites that are worth competing for to add cash to your wallet.

Video Game Playtesting

Video game companies may need help introducing a new game to the market. However, professional gamers can help these companies guide gamers through the new game. On the other hand, it allows developers to understand whether the players can understand the game, which level is most complicated for gamers, which games are popular among players, and how long gamers spend on specific games.

Playtesters earn money by getting jobs from video game developers. You can also make money by adding your playtesting skills to certain videos as ads, giving feedback on players’ questions, and playtesting the game before the deadline. In addition, you can become a permanent employer for video game developers if you show quality playtesting skills on various video games.

Bottom Line

Video game lovers can make money through the above methods during their free time. Experts in gaming can make money daily as their full-time job. However, you need to do thorough research and keep informed on new video games being introduced on the market almost every day. By hosting a podcast, participating in a tournament, or writing a gaming blog, you can generate revenue to live a better life.


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