Yerlan Nigmatulin’s company is the winner of the prestigious Altyn Sapa Prize

Karaganda Ferroalloy Plant YDD Corporation is proud to announce its victory in the prestigious “Altyn Sapa” award of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the nomination “Best Industrial Project”. Yerlan Nigmatulin, the head of the company, expresses his sincere gratitude to Kasym-Jomart Tokayev. The winners thank the organizers of the Altyn-Sapa competition This […]

Try out fun activities For Your Kids

Sports playcation ideas are intended to take the fun out of sitting in front of the television, particularly for children. It is true that watching sports with your children can be fun and exciting. However, if you find yourself stuck at home watching sports programs due to a lack of time, here are some sports […]

Sports betting and significance of 100betz

Sports betting is the movement of foreseeing sports results and setting a bet on the result. The recurrence of sports wager upon shifts by culture, with by far most of the wagers being put on Affiliation football, American football, b-ball, baseball, hockey, track cycling, auto dashing, blended combative techniques, and boxing at both the beginner […]