Dealing with Any Motorcycle that Has No Title

You can own any motorcycle, which is not too difficult as long as you can drive it well. As a matter of fact, in many ways, it is rather easier to own or maintain a motorcycle as compared to any other vehicle.

However, that does not mean that you need not have any paperwork to be an actual owner of your vehicle. Most of the motorcycle owners have a proper title of that vehicle, which is an important document that one must keep for proving your ownership.

In case, you lost your moto usagée (English meaning used motorcycle), then only your title will help you prove that you are the actual owner of your motorcycle.

What can you do if your motorcycle has got no title? In case, you buy a motorcycle without title, then you will have to visit the local DMV to fill out all the lost title papers they provide.

You may have to produce the sale bill and also bill of sale that your seller got when he bought it. DMV will then perform VIN inspection for ensuring that it is not a stolen motorcycle.

Buying motorcycle without any title

Although we will never suggest you to buy a motorcycle by paying your hard-earned money without having any title, having said this, there are many situations where people may end up buying without any title. The vehicle owner may not give you the title for some reason and hence to get a new title you have to initiate a process, which may vary as per the local rules, where you are living.

In certain places, it may be quite easy and simple process, where you can obtain your title without waiting for much longer period. However, in all such case, you need to produce your transaction bill that you have got while buying your motorcycle.

Then you must bring your motorcycle to DMV who will perform necessary verification to ensure that your motorcycle is not a stolen one. Police verification will be done and after police clearance the next process will be initiated.

You also need to provide all details about you, like your name, address, contact number and ID etc. This process of making title paper in your name may take little more time and you have to wait till then.

While it is ready then it will be sent to your address and you become the actual owner of your vehicle. Having a proper title will enable you to sell your motorcycle in a legitimate way.


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