Outsourcing Product Packaging Needs: Things You Must Consider!

As a small brand, you probably don’t have the resources to manage your entire production needs within the company. That’s completely okay, considering that some of the biggest brands choose to outsource both manufacturing and packaging needs to others. Outsourcing your packaging needs can be a major step forward, and in this post, we are discussing the various things that must be considered.

Choosing between packaging services

Creating a product box can be a huge challenge, because even small mistakes can ruin the unboxing experience for consumers and can add massively to the costs. When you are looking for packaging manufacturers, you have to consider what they bring to the table. There are a few basic questions that you can ask, such as –

  1. Can you help me with designing the box? Many companies have a team of marketing professionals, product experts and graphic designers, who help clients with structural design and conceptualization. Make sure that you select a service that has some experience with box design.
  2. Do you offer warehousing services? Commercial space is expensive, and if you want to order boxes in bulk to save on the costs, you have to find a way to reduce warehousing costs. Packaging companies, such as net/services/warehouse-ready-to-go, have easy warehouse options, where they will hold on to your order, until you are ready with production.
  3. Will you offer an all-inclusive estimate? When it comes to product packaging, do not choose a company based on the price alone, but getting an estimate is extremely important nonetheless. You have to find a company that offers a comprehensive quote, which is inclusive of everything, such as the cost of shipping and production. There should not be any room for hidden charges.

Thinking of other important aspects

Smaller brands have to find ways to make product packaging more effective for consumers, and in that context, aspects like sustainable packaging and minimalism become extremely important. You need to consider how you can use recyclable materials to improve brand image, and if a packaging company can actually help in that direction. Minimal designing is not about flat styles, but more about reducing unwanted details and elements from a product box, so that the focus remains on the attributes.

Check online now to find more on packaging services and find one that can handle all the core components expected from an outsourced service – design, production and warehousing.