What to Do with Your Weekends when You Live in Arkansas

Arkansas is a massive state that’s underrated by locals and people across the nation when they don’t know what they’re looking at. Not only is there endless entertainment and natural beauty here, but there’s also a long history that can be fascinating to learn.

These are the top things to do with your weekends when you live in Arkansas, and why this state is such a dream come true!

1. Explore the Endless Nature

Most Americans aren’t getting enough time outside in the fresh air, and that’s something that has to change in 2023. Arkansas gives you a chance to get outside and explore some of the most beautiful nature and wildlife you’ll ever find. From the endless beauty in Bella Vista to the gorgeous forests and rock formations outside of Rogers, there’s a lot to see and do once you get outside of city limits.

Even if you simply explore parks between looking at Little Rock houses for sale, this is enough to boost your mental and physical health!

2. Connect With History

The history of any state is going to be long and interesting, but Little Rock takes it further. Instead of allowing you to feel disconnected from where you live, history meets you where you’re at. From educating about the Little Rock Nine to the incredible history of the indigenous people who have lived in this state for thousands of years, you can feel more connected to the state when you explore where it came from.

3. Take Up a New Hobby

Hobbies give you a chance to learn things about yourself you might not have known otherwise! From axe throwing to rock climbing, bicycling, camping, or even painting, you can explore your hobbies here more than anywhere else. Many cities have social group settings, as well as classes and more, that allow you to connect with people who have the same interests as you.

Sports are one of the clearest examples of this, ensuring that you all have a common goal and interest that will let you cheer and cry together depending on how your team or preferred athlete did!

4. Drink In the Night Life

If you like to drink and party on the weekends, there are countless clubs and bars throughout the state for you to explore! From roof-top bars in Little Rock to cozy cowboy-themed drinkeries in Conway, there’s a lot of fun and excitement once the sun sets.

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The drinking and partying scene is more respectful here than you’ll find in many states, offering the chance to cut loose and have fun without having to worry about your safety. Just remember to take an Uber instead of driving if you’ve had too much fun.

There’s No Place Like Arkansas!

Whether you’re moving here to try something new or you’re eager to explore an area you grew up in, there’s a lot to find and enjoy in Arkansas. Consider checking out some of these weekend experiences, and you’ll never want to go anywhere else.