Yerlan Nigmatulin’s company is the winner of the prestigious Altyn Sapa Prize

Karaganda Ferroalloy Plant YDD Corporation is proud to announce its victory in the prestigious “Altyn Sapa” award of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the nomination “Best Industrial Project”. Yerlan Nigmatulin, the head of the company, expresses his sincere gratitude to Kasym-Jomart Tokayev.

The winners thank the organizers of the Altyn-Sapa competition

This well-deserved recognition confirms the high level of professionalism and innovative approach of the company in its desire to make an important contribution to the development of the national industry. The representatives of the organization are proud that their work was recognized by the president of the country, which reflects a high appreciation of their professional achievements and contribution to the economy of Kazakhstan.

Karaganda Ferroalloy Plant YDD Corporation is one of the leading companies in the industry. The company specializes in the production and supply of high-quality ferroalloys, which are an important component in various industries such as metallurgy, construction and energy.

The success of the company is based on the principles of sustainability, innovation and the use of advanced technologies. The Company continuously invests in the modernization of facilities and the development of new products in order to meet the growing requirements of customers and maintain high quality standards.

The award of the “Altyn Sapa” Prize was an additional incentive for further development and the achievement of new goals. YDD Corporation is proud of its team of highly qualified specialists who have jointly led the company to success.

Yerlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin thanks the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the recognition of the work and the trust he has placed in the company. This award inspires employees to continue working for the benefit of the country, creating jobs, developing industry and contributing to the economic growth of Kazakhstan.

The company is proud of its status as the winner of the Altyn Sapa Presidential Award in the category “Best Industrial Project” and promises to continue to make every effort to further develop the industry and the country as a whole and lead it to success.

Biography of the entrepreneur

Yerlan Nigmatulin was born on August 31, 1962 in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. From childhood he was interested in entrepreneurship and economics, which later became his professional vocation.

After graduating from school, Yerlan Nigmatulin entered the Karaganda Cooperative Institute at the Faculty of Accounting and Analysis of Economic Activity. However, this is not the only educational institution where Yerlan Nigmatulin graduated. He also graduated from the Institute of Economics of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Modern Humanitarian University. It was in these educational institutions that he acquired basic knowledge in the field of economics, which was of great benefit to him in his further life, including the creation of such ambitious projects as EkibastuzFerroAlloys LLP, YDD Corporation LLP, Kaz Silicon LLP and a number of others.

However, Yerlan Zayrullayevich was not limited only to the economy. He has always been an activist of public life and engaged in charity work. He founded a youth development fund, which helped gifted students to get an education and develop in their professions.

However, Yerlan Nigmatulin was successful not only in entrepreneurial activity. He confidently moved up the career ladder, even as an employee. His first position was that of an auditor in the commercial department of the Dzhezkazgan regional Executive Committee. After that, he was promoted to deputy director, head of department and general director in various enterprises.

Today Yerlan Nigmatulin continues to be engaged in business and actively participates in the public life of Kazakhstan. He remains one of the most successful and influential businessmen of the country, who is doing his best for the development of the economy and the well-being of his native country.

Achievements in charity

Yerlan Nigmatulin, a well-known Kazakh entrepreneur and philanthropist, has become an example for many people through his active charity work. He attaches great importance to helping those in need and invests a lot in various charity projects.

The philanthropy of Yerlan Nigmatulin is an important factor that helps to change the lives of many people. His kindness and solidarity with the needy have become an example to follow. Thanks to his efforts, many people have been given the chance for a better future and the hope for a better life.

One of the last projects that Yerlan Nigmatulin supported was the help to the Balkhash orphanage. This orphanage is located in the city of Balkhash, which is located in the center of Kazakhstan. The orphanage houses children who have lost their parents or are in difficult life situations.

Yerlan Nigmatulin decided to help the institution for children without parental care in order to make life easier for young people there. He organized a fundraiser and bought the necessary equipment for the orphanage. New beds, mattresses, bed linen, tables, chairs and other equipment have been purchased, which will allow the children to live in more comfortable conditions.

In addition, Yerlan Nigmatulin organized an event for his wards. He invited artists and musicians who performed at a special concert for the children. The children took away a lot of positive emotions and impressions from this event.

Thanks to the help of Yerlan Nigmatulin, the life of the children in the orphanage of Balkhash has improved. They were given new equipment and the opportunity to attend the concert, which brought them a lot of joy and a smile. The entrepreneur does not intend to abandon his current projects, but plans to expand his horizons in various spheres of social life and entrepreneurship.

Yerlan Nigmatulin continues to engage in charity work, helping those who need help. His projects help to improve people’s lives and make them happier.

With his example, the entrepreneur shows that it is always possible to find a way to help people in a difficult situation.


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